A Beyonce Inspired Bachelorette Party Welcome Box

beyonce, bachelorette, party, welcome box, bride to be, formation

okay ladies now lets get in formation, beyonce, bride, bachelorette party, welcome box

I’m a matron of honor again this year!! That meant/means I have the pleasure of planning more fun events to celebrate my beautiful bride-to-be, Dominique! She is getting married in October and we celebrated her bachelorette party back in May in Miami!! We stayed at the Fontainebleau Hotel and had a blast that weekend – complete with great eats (Prime 112 is always a must on a Miami trip), yacht days (the bride wanted a boat day and we had to do her one better), and day parties (Hyde Beach was crazy!). Dominique shares my love (read obsession) with Beyonce and I thought it would be perfect to throw a Beyonce inspired bachelorette! We’re not talking anything crazy (in love), just a few yonce touches.

While prepping, I found these cute cards that I planned the details around. Why? Well, the song, duh! And we were getting in formation to send our bachelorette off with a bang! I like to have fun with gifts and this bach party was no exception. You may remember the bachelorette welcome box I created last year  –HERE. There are so many great ways to make them special so I loved having the opportunity to dream up a new theme.

Welcome Box Essentials

I think a ‘hangover kit’ of sorts is a must in a bachelorette welcome box. Well, if you’re planning to party that is – a hangover kit for a spa bach weekend is probably not the way to go…just sayin. I found these AMAZING ‘Drunk In Love’ hangover kit bags and had to have them. Gotta stick with the theme afterall! Here’s the breakdown of what I included:

  • Gift Box – I went with these cute white and gold ones from Mod Party. I’ve used them before, they ship quickly and are super easy to put together! As I’ve mentioned before, bags are great too, I just have always loved a gift box.
  • Coconut Water/Lemonade – I originally planned to put in some coconut water because we were going to the beach, yada yada, then when I arrived and was running around picking up some last minute items, I saw mini lemonades and said, “HOLD UP!” – much better with my Beyonce theme. Coconut water would be a great option though.
  • Hair Ties – I don’t know about you but hair ties are like finding your second sock, never know where it is when you need it! These palm tree ties were super cute and very MIA.
  • Sugarfina Paloma candies – I love sugarfina, you already know. These paloma flavored ones sounded very appropriate for our destination as well! A little tequila, a little grapefruit, a little sweet, yes please!!
  • Supergoop Setting Mist – I’ve confessed my relatively new love of Supergoop products (here), it really is so perfect for Summer! I ordered minis of the setting mist sunscreen – essential for a day party sunscreen touch up over your makeup! #gamechanger

*the tropical palm tree leaves I included in the boxes I found at Oriental Trading 

Hangover Kit

  • Wisps – bachelorette party or not, these come in handy. Amazon came through, as usual, because I was able to buy in bulk – much more economical.
  • Simply Gum Mints – same as above – plus I love this all natural, brand.
  • Advil – because it’s the only way to rally and party on.
  • Liquid IV – let me tell you, this works soooo well! It’s not just if you’re feeling hungover, it is really amazing for just keeping hydrated! Plus it tastes good #thankmelater
  • RX Bars – an assortment of flavors, a few ingredients, healthy and keep you going.

This Beyonce inspired bach box was not only on theme with the Bride’s favorite artist but also our destination! Details make such a difference when putting together gifts, events, etc. Have fun with it!

beyonce, bachelorette, party, welcome box, bride to be, formation

beyonce, bachelorette, party, welcome box, bride to be, formation, gifts, hangover kit

beyonce, bachelorette, party, welcome box, bride to be, formation, gifts

photos by Anne Kim of Laura Metzler Photography

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