3 Easy Ways to ‘Dress Up’ Your Home for Fall

I like making subtle seasonal changes at home. It ensures I don’t get bored and just looks pretty and festive. There are few super easy ways to ‘dress up’ your home for Fall and Thanksgiving fun!

1. Fur

You already know I love fur! Fur is a great way to get those warm ‘fuzzy’ feelings as the cool air arrives. I have these fur pillows on my sofa year round but I switch out my chenille throw for my fur one when the Fall and Winter months come along.

2. Candles

Another favorite of mine that I’ve shared with you! The best thing about candles is that they set the mood you want them to. Wanting some sandalwood or pumpkin scents for the season, light ’em up darling! Then switch them out for a fir or cinnamon scent for the holidays. Whatever your pleasure, it’s a great way to make subtle changes to your home.

3. Florals

Hi, my name is Danai and I have a flower addiction. I LOVE fresh flowers in my home. I don’t normally go with

Bonus Ideas

Wood accents also say Fall to me. We have dark wood furniture pieces, but I like decorating the table with pretty wood pieces as well during the Fall. I enjoy rustic chic. Add decorative accents for the holidays. Like the super cute, Mackenzie Childs turkey candle holders that I used on our shelves when I switched out the florals for the season. It’s the little things…

photos by Anne Kim of Laura Metzler Photography



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