A Mackenzie Childs Holiday

Courtly Check Chargers, here | Courtly Check Dinner plates, here | gold flatware, here | Courtly check teacup, here | Crystal Menorah, here | Courtly Check Napkins, here | Courtly Check Napkin Ring, here

The holidays are here and with Hanukkah now behind us, we are now gearing up for Christmas! Each year, I always feature some of my Mackenzie Childs pieces throughout our condo. And this year, I decided to make it a true Mackenzie Childs holiday theme. So here’s a glimpse into our home for the holidays…

Courtly Check everywhere…

The Mackenzie Childs courtly check is a classic and being black and white obsessed like I am, my favorite! I started with our holiday table setting which we use from Hanukkah through Christmas. So I  like to keep it balanced and not scream one holiday or the other necessarily. From the table to the tree and garland, which I encorporate mixed metal ornaments, and added my ‘mackenzie childs’ pieces using wrapping paper and ribbon. I decided I was going to start a tradition of ordering a new ornament each year. Here is the beautiful 2018 ornament from Mackenzie Childs I chose #swoon. 

Wrapping paper, here | Christmas Tree, similar here | Ornaments, similar here

Holiday Bar Cart

Moving over to our bar cart, I kept the bottom tier the same – just filled with our usual spirits. Admittedly lazy about changing the bottom. The top, I added a beautiful Mackenzie Childs wreath I purchased years ago that was too small for our front door. Since, I’ve used it on our shelving during the holidays and this year on our bar cart. I also added my Mackenzie Childs ice bucket filled with champagne, of course, for a holiday cocktail. 

Subtle Holiday Accents

I’ve shared before, tips for maximizing a small space when decorating for the holidays. Case and point. I use my shelving and kitchen space to highlight some holiday accessories and of course my courtly check collection! A subtle nod to the holidays with this boxwood tree and reindeer stocking holders that I’ve removed the hooks of to use instead as a decorate piece.

Boxwood Tree, here | Cookie Jar, here | Pedestal Stands, here (mini) and here (small) | Red Wine Glasses, here | White Wine Glasses, here | Champagne Flutes, here | Stemless Glasses, here

Holiday Colors

I love celebrating the holidays and I love being festive. However, I also like to go outside the norm of blue, white and silver and red, green and gold when it comes to decor. So going with black and white as my color scheme this season was perfect…complete with gold accents! I will say I can’t wait until we get a house one day and I can switch up the color schemes by room…I’m sure it’s no surprise, I already have ideas, pieces, etc in mind!

I can’t wait to celebrate this time of year with my family and share more with you here!!

photos by Anne Kim of Laura Metzler Photography

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