Champagne Cake Dip w/ Strawberries

champagne, strawberries, cake dip, hostess, recipe, make ahead

When I think of having strawberries with champagne, I am reminded of that scene in Pretty Woman (my FAV movie by the way) where Richard Gere reminds Julia Roberts (as she’s chugging her champagne) that strawberries bring out the flavor of the champagne. But anywho, strawberries are one of my favorite bites when serving champagne and when I came across this fun (and simple) champagne cake dip recipe, I know it was one to try and add to my repertoire.

This is a unique recipe and would be the perfect light dessert option when hosting friends – you may consider trying it out this weekend for Memorial Day weekend!

Champagne Cake Dip


  • 1 cup White Cake Mix
  • 8oz Whipped Vanilla Frosting ( I prefer whipped for the texture but totally your call)
  • 1/4 cup rosé champagne (if you’re planning to serve champagne with this, pop that bottle – no need to open a bottle and let the champs go to waste)
  • sprinkles (optional)

In a mixing bowl, add ingredients (if you decide you want to add sprinkles hold off until the end). Whip together and add to serving bowl and serve!

Doesn’t get easier than that darlings! If planning to try this this weekend, add red or blue sprinkles to make it festive – this would be great for July 4th too…hmm, my mind is racing with other ideas…enjoy this and stay tuned for more Summer recipes!

champagne, strawberries, cake dip, hostess, recipe, make ahead

photos by Anne Kim of Laura Metzler Photography

recipe adapted from Sugar & Soul

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