Political Slogan Tees are a Fashion Statement

The political slogan tee trend is certainly one we’ve noticed around election time, but it really took off during the Spring 2017 New York Fashion Week. With such a controversial election last year, it appeared that designers really wanted to make their own statements. Fashion is their way to do it, of course. “Fashion, of course, has always served as a form of self-expression but this season, in the midst of political upheaval and social unrest, designers wanted more. An industry populated and inspired by the very people current provocative ideologies target…

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Rosé Strawberries: Happy Hour & Dessert in One

Okay, darlings! Remember how I told you that I refuse to think of rosé as just ‘summer water‘? It really is seasonal and you can really drink or use it (like that tie in *wink) year round. Well, here is your new go-to dessert – Rosé Strawberries – that doesn’t make you feel (too) bad since the main ingredient is FRUIT! These sugared rosé strawberries are so good! Happy hour, healthy bite and dessert all in one – does it get any better? Not really. As you know when hosting, the more…

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DC Modern Luxury: Women of Style 2017 Feature

I am so honored to have been selected as one of the 2017 Women of Style in the September issue of DC Modern Luxury Magazine! If you are in the DC area, the issue is on newstands now and if not, you can check out the digital edition HERE Since the feature highlights just a bit of my style interview, here it is in full for some fun facts on my personal style! The best way to describe my approach to fashion is… Classic with a spicy twist. My style…

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St. Tropez Travel Guide

Let me start by saying this, plan to say ‘yes way rosé’ – because the rosé stays flowing in St. Tropez! You already know I’m a huge fan (here), and I’d gotten the hubby hooked on it before our trip, so he was ready to go. As you may know, if you follow me on Instagram, my 30th birthday trip took us to Paris (travel guide here) and the South of France. I was so excited to visit St.Tropez as one of our stops in the South because it just…

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Create a Yogurt Bar

Labor Day Weekend is almost upon us and you may be hosting friends and family! How about instead of hosting lunch, a BBQ, dinner – host breakfast! This simple Yogurt Bar is not only pleasing to the eye but a very tasty option your guests will love. Who doesn’t love a bar?….of any kind lol…Your yogurt bar can be as bountiful as you’d like; you could do a big huge spread of a bunch of toppings or do like I did, and make a small board. The best is having…

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