How To Make Your House Smell Like Fall

potpourri, fall, smell, at home, how to, scented, stovetop, natural scents

potpourri, fall, smell, at home, how to, scented

I know I’ve shared a number of times that I LOVE burning candles at home. It sets a mood, it’s calming, it smells good – it’s aromatherapy right? However, as I’ve been going down my wellness path the past few months, I am learning a lot about changes that can be made to enhance ones health and environment. One, happens to be candles and their potential to enhance indoor air pollution. You’re probably like ‘Danai, chill with that craziness’. But I promise it’s true.

“The biggest issue with candles are toxic wax and, in the case of older candles. Look out for aromatherapy candles made of paraffin—a petroleum byproduct—which releases carcinogenic soot when burned. The soot can also cause respiratory problems and will aggravate the conditions of those who already have asthma, lung, or heart problems. ‘Burning an aromatherapy candle made of paraffin is similar to preparing a healthy drink of fresh-squeezed juice and adding a shot of gasoline,’ says Eric Johnson of Candleworks, an Iowa City, Iowa-based company that specializes in wholesaling nontoxic aromatherapy candles. Besides endangering your health and that of your family, soot from paraffin wax can cause significant damage to the inside of your house, plus your computers, electrical appliances, and ductwork” (source).

There is way more to this information and I encourage you to look into it, if interested. With that said, I still will use candles, but not as often. I think it’s important to understand the risks, the healthy alternatives and the ways to improve your overall health as you navigate toxic environments in your everyday lives.

Alternatives to burning candles…

This brings me to how to make your home smell amazing, with natural ingredients! You could use a diffuser with essential oils or even use (or make) an essential oil spray. I use K’Pure Naturals Deep Breath spray before bed. I spray it on our bed and pillow at night. Another great option is stove top scents or ‘stove top potpourri’.

You can still set the mood with natural scents…

I love the smell of Fall – like apples and cinnamon! It’s so warming, inviting, and delish. There are some really great combinations you could try to natural scent your home.

Here are my favorites:

Apples slices – Cinnamon Sticks – Whole Cloves – Orange slices

Orange Slices – Pumpkin spices

Lemon Slices – Orange Slices – Whole Cloves

Orange Rinds – Cinnamon Sticks – Whole Cloves – Bay Leaves

Apple Slices – Pear Slices – Cinnamon Sticks – Whole Cloves

Fall Stovetop Potpourri


  • 4 cups of Water
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • 1 apple (sliced)
  • 1 orange (sliced)
  • Whole Cloves

Fill a pot with water, add ingredients and simmer on low heat. That’s really it!

You can add more ingredients if you want a stronger smell. To keep the scent going, add more as needed since it will evaporate after some time.

Natural flavors, yummy scents and perfect to set the mood this Fall/Thanksgiving season!

photos by Anne Kim of Laura Metzler Photography


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