Vacation Beauty Must Haves

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Literally cannot even wait for this Friday. We are headed to Turks & Caicos for the long weekend! #insertpraisehandshere

I’ve been wanting to visit for awhile and am definitely in need of a vacation. The past couple months have been super busy so I’m ready for having nothing on the agenda but relaxing and spending time with my hubby. Of course, I haven’t started packing yet, however, I have pulled out a few things. One of my priorities the past few months has been staying regimented in the beauty department. Face washes, masks, oils, etc. Figuring out what works best for me. Even more, looking into products that use healthy (read nontoxic) ingredients. I also find, that certain beauty products I use year round and others seasonally. Thought I’d share a few of my must haves that are already sitting out on my dresser in preparation for vacation!!

Vacation Beauty Must Haves


I LOVE this sunscreen. I don’t remember where I heard about it (which is driving me nuts, but thank you to whatever publication it was). I took this with me to Miami a couple weeks ago, which was my first opportunity to give it a whirl and it is great! You can read about their mission here, but I had three priorities when looking for a new sunscreen. One was the ingredients. Supergoop uses 35% less alcohol than other spray sunscreens and it’s infused with antioxidants. Second priority was the consistency. I don’t like when you get a sunscreen that has a week mist, or super oily/sticky. Supergoop has a light, yet strong mist that gives you a gorgeous glow – no greasy looking vibes. Third priority was the SPF. I don’t mind a tan but I want to make sure I have really good sun protection. Not interested in any additional wrinkles/skin aging thank you. On another note, I’m also obsessed with their setting mist too. I gave samples of them to the girls that attended my friends bachelorette party a couple weeks ago. It is perfect for those days you get dolled up for the beach. Hello, day parties at the pool, etc. If you’ve put a moisturizer that has SPF on and then you want to reapply during the day, the setting mist has you covered despite the makeup on your face. LOVE! I’m now looking into their products to see what else I want to try. PS. If you just want to give some of their products a try get one of the cute mini gift sets, like this one. I did.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Yes. It is worth ALL THE HYPE. I love Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores so when I heard about their collab on this product, they had a purchase coming their way from me no matter what lol. I’ve been using the jet lag mask since late March and it is so good. It is a light mask that you don’t have to wash off. It is cooling to the skin. It may be all in my head, but I can feel the hydration. Oh, and it magically gets rid of the bags under my eyes! I use it a few times a week, but you could certainly use it every day. It is even noted that it can be your pre-makeup moisturizer – which I do sometimes as well. It gives you a beautiful dewy look. Needless to say, it is not just for vacation beauty. Can’t recommend enough. It will give your skin the pick me up you’re looking for. And another thing, it is free of “phthalates, surfactants, petrolatums, BHT, BHA, or silicones” aka bad s*** (Summer Fridays).

Kopari Lip Love and Coconut Body Glow

I started using this last Summer and I use it literally all day, every day. It is so moisturizing. It smells delightful, like vacation. Plus, it’s “petroleum-free, clear-colored, and coconut-flavored lip treatment that isn’t sticky” (Kopari). I actually included it in the welcome boxes I made for my friends bachelorette. I wanted everyone to try it. I LOVE it. My other favorite, is the Coconut Body Glow. Who doesn’t love a golden shimmer? I’ve been using it for a couple of years – it’s great for the skin and can go over your sunscreen.

Glossier Haloscope 

I’ve only used it twice, but it is now a must have, especially on vacation. Glossier is another brand I love. I’m inspired by their founder Emily Weiss who is such a boss and developed a wonderful brand. If you want to learn about Emily, check out a great interview with Poppy Harlow, here). But back to Haloscope. It is a highlighter stick that gives you the perfect dewy glow. I mean, let’s be real, when you go on vacay – especially to a beachy destination – don’t you feel like you want to just be glowing and more natural? Maybe it’s just me, but this highlighter gives you some sparkle and dew that is just the right amount of glam. I have it in Quartz but also think I want to get it in Topaz.

photo by Anne Kim of Laura Metzler Photography

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