Summer Ready Watermelon Champagne ‘POP-tail’

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Of course, I’m all for a champagne cocktail, but when my mom introduced me to these delicious GoodPop popsicles, I had an idea! Why not pour some champs over them and have the perfect champagne ‘pop-tail’. Could that be any more perfect to enjoy on a warm day?!

What I love about the Goodpop brand is that it is a “non-GMO Project Verified GoodPop is vegan, OU Kosher, gluten free, dairy free and guilt free, at only 40 calories” (source). Can’t have too many calories or sugars when you’re trying to keep that beach bod.

Watermelon Champagne Pop-tail


  • Watermelon Agave Popsicles by GoodPop
  • Le Grand Courtage sparkling rosé (or whatever your preference)

Add a GoodPop to your glass and pour a glass of sparkling wine! As the popsicle melts it will give delicious flavor and will be a glass of sparkling slushie goodness.


photos by Anne Kim of Laura Metzler Photography

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