Most Instagram Worthy Places in Toronto

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Toronto is definitely Instagram-worthy! It has such a cool vibe! It is extremely diverse which I love and lends itself to so many sights and sounds. I’ll be honest, Toronto isn’t a classically pretty city. It’s a little grungy in certain areas but in a chill, urban way. However, I think that rough exterior is what makes the chic and trendy looks inside the boutique stores, cafes and restaurants so fabulous. There is graffiti all over and it clearly is home to a lot of artists (however, I heard Montreal is even more so). Needless to say, there’s no shortage of great sights to stop by for a picture (or two or three).

Searching Instagram First…

A couple days before we left, I went to Instagram and started searching for Toronto influencers and hotspots to see where I had to visit, wanted to eat, needed a pic of, etc. You’re already on Insta, so use it as a resource to find what looks best to you!

I’ll admit that I was so busy eating my way through the city,  I didn’t visit many of the places on my list to get some instagram worthy pics. However, I will for sure be going back – camera/phone in hand!

Most Instagram-Worthy Places in Toronto…

There are SO many great places to snap a pic in Toronto – between the restaurants, the street art, the architecture – take your pic(k)! *wink* Here are some of my favorites!

Her Majesty’s Pleasure

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Address: 556 King Street West

Instagram | Website

This cocktail and nail spa/bar is so chic! I love the crisp white, baby pink, marble and palm tree accented, sun & champagne-filled space!! That ‘Call for Champagne’ sign I NEED.

June Callwood Park

via Allure of Simplicity
via Allure of Simplicity photo by Matthew Clemens Photography

Address: 636 Fleet Street

aka ‘The Pink Park’ – search the location on Insta – so many cool pics here!

Hustle Mural

hustle mural, liberty village
via View The Vibe (c/o @crtsx)

Neighborhood: Liberty Village

Really upset at myself for not getting a picture of this mural, especially being in Toronto to hear Gary Vee speak – the king of ‘Hustle’ – at an entrepreneurial conference. Next time for sure!! Mural by Ben Johnston.

Sugar Beach

via Best Health Mag

Location: Toronto Waterfront


This place gives bright, beachy vibes and I’m into it! While I’ve seen some cool pics of Sugar Beach in the wintertime, I would love to stop by during the warm weather months to chill.

The amazing food scene, gives so many Insta opportunities with their beautiful build outs….

La Palma

via Fashion & Beauty Inc

Address: 849 Dundas Street West

Instagram | Website

Colette Grand Cafe

via Purple Tree Photography

Address: 550 Wellington Street West

Instagram | Website

I heard it’s a great brunch spot – the space looks so pretty. I especially love their dining chairs and chandeliers! The Parisian vibe sold me and I really want to host an event here!

Cafe Cancan

via La Petite Noob – she has a beautiful feed by the way – follow her for fab Toronto spots!

Address: 89 Harbord Street

Instagram | Website

I loved Cafe Cancan! There are beautiful insta-worthy details throughout and the color scheme just puts a smile on your face!


via The BlondiLocks – she has such a pretty blog!

Address: 633 King Street West

Instagram | Website

Grey Gardens

via The Blondilocks

Address: 199 Augusta Avenue


La Banane

via Tastet

Address: 227 Ossington Avenue

Instagram | Website

This moody interior would make for some fabulous photos – and the marble and brass accents are just gorg!

And these are only a handful of the many Instagram-worthy places in Toronto…

I stumbled across these fab places on Insta or by word of mouth and are on my must visit list, since I’ve only gotten through a few. I mean, let’s be real – who doesn’t pick places to ‘do it for the gram’?

photos by @mattison_ave

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