The Perfect Vase

As you are well aware, I LOVE flowers and having fresh blooms in my house regularly is essential! I mean, they just make me smile, what can I say?! However, what’s a gorgeous bouquet without the perfect vessels to put them in?

I certainly want to have at least one good vase for your arrangements and if you can, have a few. One for a large arrangement, one for a short bouquet, and a few miscellaneous. A girl needs options…


If you follow me on Instagram, here, you may have noticed my tip last night in Instagram Stories about the importance of having a bud vase. This is crucial in my opinion. I don’t know about you, but when I buy a bouquet, there are almost always a few extra buds that don’t get put into the arrangement – why? Because the arrangement is full. I would hope none of you just toss the extra bud or two away – hence, needing a bud vase. Check out some bud vase finds below!

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