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I’m not a fan of the inevitability of needing glasses when I get older. Why? Because other than sunglasses, I can’t imagine wearing them all the time (and I know when that time comes I won’t be able to do contacts, because I can’t even imagine the idea of the touching my eyes -yikes!) or finding some that I like enough to do so. But, I think about this even more when I read about how using technology like my computer and phones ALL the time, is weakening my eyes – and lately, giving me headaches.

So, when I was on Instagram one night, I stumbled across someone wearing tech glasses; I’d also just heard about them from my brother and started looking into them. I came across Pixel Eyewear and they sounded great – pretty affordable and cute unisex styles – so I figured why not give them a try? Honestly, i’d try anything to help with the morning headaches and sore eyes. I will say I was a bit apprehensive buying glasses that I hadn’t tried on yet, but they offer a money-back guarantee so no biggie if I didn’t like how they looked.

Well, they came, I saw, they conquered lol.

I’m pleased with how they looked on my face (I have a round face and a more rectangular look are best – so I selected the ‘Buteo’ style), and I’ve been using them pretty frequently and have noticed an improvement #winning My husband now wants a pair.

If you’re suffering from eye strain from your tech tools, I’d recommend trying them. Here is a good article on ways to protect your vision. Please note, this post is not sponsored by Pixel Eyewear. It just happens to be the brand I chose and can speak to.

If you’ve come across some good ideas to help protect your health from technology, please share! I don’t see enough conversation about it.

tech eyewear, eyewear, glasses, pixel eyewear, technology, health

photos by Laura Metzler Photography

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