‘Dress’ your Champagne with a Floral Garnish

floral garnish, champagne cocktail, cocktails

You can never go wrong serving champagne, it takes every function up a notch in my opinion. However, you can do little things to make it look and feel extra special – one in particular is adding a floral garnish a.k.a. fresh blooms (another favorite of mine, as you know). With Spring in full bloom, florals are just the perfect touch!

I stumbled across Gourmet Sweet Botanicals and am hooked! Here, you can order all types of edible flowers, greens, micro veggies, and more!! I ordered beautiful orchids to ‘dress up’ my champagne cocktails. So fab and so simple!

Getting lost in Pinterest, I came across a few others as inspiration – already added a few other flowers to my shopping cart in preparation:

floral garnish, champagne cocktail, cocktails

via Pinterest

Photos by Laura Metzler Photography

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