Why Choose Rosé?

I don’t know about you darlings, but for me,  Rosé is not limited to Summer! #summerwaternomore

I love its fresh taste year round, even converted my mister to it as well (but I mean, what’s not to love?!).

We’ve heard a lot about Rosé as of late and if you’re wondering when it became such a ‘thing’, here’s a great article I read from Vanity Fair.

Since, Rosé/Blush tones are all the rage this season in fashion and home, I thought I’d share my go-to Rosé wines as well as some tips 🙂

Tip #1: Dry is better!

You can search on how Rosé is made for more info on this (snore), but the gist is, if it’s sweet it masks the natural flavor/aromas. Certainly, if you like a sweeter wine, totally your call. However, whenever I order a glass/bottle of rosé, my first request is that it be dry.

Tip #2: You can use it for great cocktails!

I’ve shared this one with you before and have a couple more coming soon. Rosé is not only pretty in it’s color which will certainly make for a pretty cocktail, but it adds a nice balance, especially when mixed with fruity flavors.

Tip #3: You don’t have to spend a lot of $$!

Many of my go-to rosés are very inexpensive and while many think the more money you spend the better the wine – that is not always the case and in my opinion definitely isn’t with rosé. Food and Wine came up with a great list of the best Rosés under $15, here.

Tip #4: Rosé is universal and goes with everything!

You often hear to pair white wine with seafood and red wine with meat, but with rosé, it’s versatility makes it even more of a go-to! Pair it with whatever you’re serving or out eating: seafood, fish, snacks, desserts – I’ve also heard how it is extremely good with BBQ. My understanding is that a darker Rosé is especially good with the spices that come along with BBQ seasonings/sauces. Don’t quote me but I’m sure there’s more to it.

Rosé, wines, food and wine, best Rosé, summer water

Rosé, wines, food and wine, best Rosé, summer water

At the end of the day, rosé really is perfect year round and a must try if you haven’t already – brace yourself, you’ll get hooked. My two favorites are Whispering Angel & Rock Angel (they from the same Château d’Esclans family). I love love love Whispering Angel, the flavor is just the ideal for my taste – being in the same family Rock Angel is very similar. I love their branding and there is ALWAYS a bottle in our wine fridge.

What’s your favorite rosé?


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