Truffle Popcorn

Let me tell you, nothing says luxe like truffle! And why not do the ultimate high-low and add it to popcorn. You can serve this absolutely anytime, too! It is perfect for a night in binge watching your favorite Netflix shows, movie night, an awards show party (the Oscars are next month!), or even as a fun appetizer.  One of the best things about truffle popcorn besides its taste and smell (O.M.G.) is that it is sooo simple to make.


  • Butter popcorn (whatever your preference)
  • Truffle butter (which you can purchase at a specialty food store – I always buy one more and put it in the freezer so that I can have it on hand when needed/wanted) | If you can’t find truffle butter, use White Truffle Oil (which you can also find at your specialty food store) – I get mine from Whole Foods
  • Chopped Rosemary (optional)
  • Kosher Salt (just a little)

Pop your popcorn according to the directions and while its in the microwave warm up some truffle butter in a saucepan. Once popped, put the popcorn in your serving bowl and drizzle with melted truffle butter. Add in the chopped rosemary, salt and toss – I always save a little bit of rosemary to add as a garnish.

That’s it! You’re welcome in advance because your friends will thank you for this one – DELISH!

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