Khloe K Inspired Cookie Jars

khloe kardashian, cookie jar

We live in a Kardashian ‘Kountry’, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a fan and (while the show is very contrived) I still watch religiously. One of the things you’ll notice in almost all of the Kardashian’s kitchens, is their cookie display. It started with Khloe doing it and Kris and Kylie have also jumped on her bandwagon.

khloe kardashian, cookie jars

I’ve always thought it was cute and started doing them a couple months ago.

It’s just as easy as can be! All you do is  select your cookies of choice and lay flat around the edge of the jar and just continue stacking until full. Not placing cookies in the middle will not only help save the number used but also it will be easier to take out.

*Note: Cookies do go bad, so don’t forget to start fresh each month or so. 

A fun and simple way to accent your kitchen!


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  1. Hi Danai! Thanks for this sweet (and gorgeous!) post. What kind of cookies did you use in each of the three jars? 🙂

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