Peppermint Champagne Cocktail

peppermint champagne cocktail

I mean, aren’t candy canes the most quintessential holiday treat?! Well, I certainly think so! I’ve always loved them and thought stumbled across a way to add a holiday fav to one of my others – champagne, darling!

This peppermint champagne cocktail is very simple (only 3 ingredients!) and would be a nice addition to your festive hosting this season. Here’s what you need:


  • Candy Canes
  • Champagne/Sparkling Wine of choice
  • White Creme de Cacao (this gives a slight chocolate flavor – you could also use peppermint schnapps if you want to amp up the peppermint taste)


Pour about 2oz of white creme de cacao in the glass (if you want more of the cacao flavor, add more). Top the glass with champagne/sparkling wine and add the candy cane for garnish! It’s that easy!

By the way, you will notice as the candy cane sits it will begin to disintegrate and gives you more of that peppermint taste.

[Champagne Darling Inspiration]

Turn the garnish level up and add a peppermint rim! How? Before making this yummy drink, pour a little white creme de cacao in a shallow dish, dip the rims of the glass and then dip the rims in crushed candy cane – pretty and tasty!

peppermint champagne cocktail

peppermint champagne cocktail

champagne cocktail, veuve clicquot

photos by Laura Metzler Photography

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