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You can have so much fun styling a bar cart! It allows you to feature your favorite drinks but also your favorite details for an occasion, season or just because. For my holiday bar cart, I decided to add a few festive details to the top. For me, I usually just switch up the top part of my bar cart. Why? Because I live in a condo and only have but so much storage and to constantly move and find places to store the liquor it houses, would be a little much….even for me *insert my husbands eye roll here*.

As you know, a signature cocktail is a favorite of mine and I found my peppermint champagne cocktail (here), to be the perfect ‘topper’ for guests. As guests arrive you already have the cocktails poured (or assembled depending on what you’re making) and they can grab a glass at their leisure. When appropriate (i.e. not many ingredients and pretty bottles involved), I like to showcase the ingredients so guests know what they’re sipping on, if they like the taste and want to purchase for themselves to have at home as well.

I often decorate my bar cart with flowers but given the season, I decided on fragrant rosemary that I found at a local grocery store! For a pop of color, I chose a beautiful, red beaded Kim Seybert placemat – use what you have and think outside the box – it showcased the cocktails and was ‘in theme’. I also borrowed that cute house and yard sign from my mom to add to our bar cart. My mom has a huge Dickensville Holiday collection and I remember her setting the whole village out every Christmas growing up. One of my favorites was this festive colonial house (#goals) and the ‘Sold’ sign – very appropriate for our real estate family, wouldn’t you say?!

By the wayyyyyyy, if you’ve been looking for a bar cart that doesn’t take up much room, looks chic and is afforadable – this is THE best option:

When we get a house, and if it’s still available, this is a definitely staple!! You can thank me later.

bar cart, holiday, styling, holiday bar cart

holiday bar cart, bar cart

holiday, bar cart

bar cart, holiday, stylingphotos by Laura Metzler Photography

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