Wine Tasting & Recipe Sharing Night

Thinking of having friends over before Thanksgiving? Why not host a wine tasting and recipe sharing night?!



I don’t know about you, but while I love turkey and stuffing with all the fixings, I also love trying new recipes and twists to the old faithfuls. This is where getting inspiration from friends can come in! Have a few friends over to try some different wines, an hors d’oeuvre or two, and ask each guest to plan to share one of their favorite recipes.
My mister and I really enjoy drinking wine and a couple years ago we visited a local winery called Paradise Springs in Virginia (they now have a location in Santa Barbara as well!). We enjoyed the experience as well as their wines and decided to join their ‘wine club’. The perk: every quarter we get a wine shipment 😉 #winning

[Champagne Darling Inspiration]
Remember use what you have! If you decided to host last minute and only had random brands and types of wine in your cellar, wine fridge, etc. – just use it. No need to stress and run out to plan out your wines – unless you want to!

What do you need to host this fun little get together? Not much!
Wine glasses – check!


Cheese Board – check!

….and don’t forget the accouterments. I decided to go with a very simple cheese board and honestly, the easier the better, darling! I had olives in the fridge (you can buy at Whole Foods or your local grocery), caramelized nuts – that I topped the herb brie with (for a little sweet crunch), fresh rosemary (leftover from a dish I made earlier in the week) to use as the base for the cheese (I love using fresh herbs!) and ended with rosemary crackers that are delishhhh from Balduccis!
And those fab recipe cards, the pumpkin and napkins with lovely calligraphy are all from one of my favorite calligraphers – Laura Hooper!
Cheers to the holiday season and fun with family and friends!

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