Pomegranate Mimosa

I’m always looking for fun champagne cocktails – obviously – and this pomegranate mimosa is fresh and delish. Why pomegranate? My mister loves it and we had some in the fridge #usewhatyouhave

I made this cocktail around Halloween; it gives you that theme-y but not too cheesy vibe with its’ ‘bloody’ look. Sorry for the yuck reference, but hey, it was Halloween.
By the way, I went the easy route for this cocktail – if you want to cut a pomegranate and scoop the seeds, feel free – the short cut worked just fine for me 🙂
[Champagne Darling Inspiration]
Don’t like pomegranate seeds, don’t use them! Just use the juice.
Pomegranate Mimosa
What You Need:
– Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice
– Pom Wonderful pomegranate seeds
– Sparkling Wine/Champagne

Scoop some pomegranate seeds into the base of your champagne flute, pour in your preferred amount of pomegranate juice (approx. 2ounces, just depends on your preferred sweetness). Top off with champagne. It’s that simple!



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