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This is the season for quite a bit of entertaining and one of my go- tos for putting out a little ‘nosh’ is a good ol’ cheese plate. I love doing them not only because they are an easy option but also because I am always trying to improve my presentation. I don’t know about you, but don’t you look at some on Pinterest or wherever and say to yourself, ‘why don’t mine look like that’ *eye roll*. Well, if you do, you’re not alone darling!
Practice makes perfect though!
First off, knowing the basic ‘anatomy’ of the perfect cheese plate is essential. So, here you are:

via Martha Stewart
As Martha Stewart puts it, you must start with the vehicle or what you plan to place your accouterments on. I love it on my clean white porcelain or marble platters and my Mackenzie-Childs cheese plate especially; however, have wooden board like the above? 
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Selecting your something sweet, crunchy and what cheeses really depends on you! You might consider pairing accordingly with your wine or cocktail selection.

[Champagne Darling Inspiration]

Wondering how you know which cheese goes with what wine/cocktail? Read up online or ask at your local store for recommendations. Like choosing a cheese & charcuterie when eating out? Ask the restaurant sommelier for their recommendations based on the selection. 

For the simple cheese plate I threw together for my wine tasting and recipe sharing party, I kept it very easy (here). I love accenting with green herbs when the season is right! You may also try fig and lemon leaves (which you can pick up from your local florist) as they make a great base for any cheese (or fruit) platter. 

[Champagne Darling Inspiration]
Remember, you don’t have to do too much to make a fabulous platter.
As I always say, use what you have when you need to. Also, think about timing of your get-together. Is it around happy hour and before dinner, maybe do a slightly heavier platter; post dinnertime, go lighter. At the end of the day, we eat with our eyes so make it pretty and I’m sure your guests will enjoy!

Looking for some inspiration? Here you are:
via Pinterest

via MN Bride

via Glitter Guide

via Brooklyn Supper

via Fashionable Hostess
Happy hosting & tasting!

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