2 Years Already…My Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Wednesday: Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary – I just can’t believe the time flew by so quickly!! I’ve shared some details leading up to our big day, but over the next few weeks will share the wedding itself! Here’s a glimpse into our wedding ceremony.

When we got engaged, we’d discussed the overall style we wanted for the wedding; traditional yet modern, luxe and trés chic! I didn’t want generic pretty – I wanted elements that were unique to us and to others. From the beginning of our planning process, wedding events and the wedding itself, everything tied together. No detail was forgotten (I’m anal but my mom is even more so lol). I could literally list all of them (many of which I’m sure were lost on most), but I’ll spare you…as I always say, it’s all in the details!

When we first got engaged, I certainly was guilty of going on a ‘pinning spree’ on Pinterest but many of the ideas that we implemented were those that just came out of brainstorming and our own likes. We knew what we liked and wanted and it was just a matter of finding the ‘dream team’ to bring it to fruition. Thankfully, we did!
One thing I knew, without a doubt, I wanted was what I wanted our chuppah to look like. I wanted hanging crystals. It fit perfectly with the look of the room and, even more, amplified by the way it fit around the existing chandeliers in the space. It served not only as our chuppah but also as our hanging centerpiece above the dance floor during the reception.

The flower wall, which consisted of about 15,000 roses, we’d discussed at some design meetings and struck towards the end as we were going a bit (read waayy) over budget. However, my parents ended up surprising us with it anyway and boy, were we surprised – it was the perfect backdrop during the ceremony and later, behind the band during the reception.

Mr. & Mrs. Barak Sky
Park Hyatt Washington
Photography: Moshe Zusman 
Wedding Planner: Jennifer Steibel of SOCO Events
Floral & Production Design: Amaryllis, Inc.

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