Travel With Me: Prep Your Home for Vacation

via Gray Malin

Not so fast, you’ve got to get your home ready before your vacation too!

The Top 5 Ways We Prep Our Home For Vacation:

1. Toss any perishables in your refrigerator. Ideally, take a look a week before you leave and determine what you can use that week. Also, probably not a great idea to do a serious grocery haul the week before you leave either, especially if most items are perishable and you know you aren’t going to get through them.

2. Ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your mail for you. We live in boutique condo building so there are only 3 of us and we have a small mailbox out front. Between regular mail and the junk mail (eye roll), it fills up very quickly. We ask a friend that’s in the area to pick it up so being away isn’t as obvious.
*Be mindful of packages or deliveries too*

3. Laundry. Nothing is worse than coming home and having to wash, dry, fold AND put away more than just the items you took on vacation…It is THE last thing I want to do when I get home. So save yourself the headache, and do any outstanding laundry before you leave.

4. Keep your blinds closed. My husband was the one that started this habit. While we live in a penthouse, it is still part of his routine to put down our living room window blinds when going out of town.

5. Adjust/Set your gadgets accordingly. When it comes to our thermostat, we have a Nest, which does this automatically adjusts based on our habits and we can set it remotely so, this isn’t really on our to-do, but still a great tip! It is always important to conserve energy when heading out of town. Not to mention, who wants to pay to have your air conditioning or heat on blast while you’re gone? Not me. Don’t forget your alarm as well! Nest also has a cool security system out now – the best part about their products is that are ‘smart tools’ and allow you to use, set and control them from anywhere.

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