Sweat in Style!

While most start their workout resolutions during the winter months, I only verbalized them then…I put those resolutions into action a couple weeks ago! #betterlatethannever
Despite barely being able to walk, sit, laugh, etc. it’s a good sore and I know I’m getting my s*** together!
I was going through some of my workout clothes and needed to step my game up…I love Lululemon as much as the next, but I’ve also explored some fabulous new brands!

[Champagne Darling Inspiration]  

Diversify your wardrobe when you can, you can often find other styles/brands that are similar to those you normally gravitate towards, or think you ‘should’ be into, if you just take a look; start your own trend, girl! Not to mention, sometimes you can find them for even better prices! #winning

I picked up a few more Lululemon pieces and also began looking at others and came across a few that I really like!! So, if you’ve been wanting to do the same – I’ve done some of the ‘leg work’ (*wink*) for you!

Top 3 Favs (for the moment):
So low

Fab Finds under $100:
For serious steals and some really cute gear, check out what Forever21 has to offer, HERE – I know we’re nearing or over 30 and think we can’t be caught dead in there, but why not if they have cute stuff for great prices! #justsaying Plus, that’s what online shopping is for 🙂
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One thought on “Sweat in Style!

  1. I'm 5ft. 6 in. and usually have issues with pant legs being too short especially after washing. The alo yoga have plenty of room. They are light weight but substantial when I put them on and not see through as far as can tell, which us usually obvious right away!