Perfect Summer Pasta Salad

A summer pasta salad is essential in ones’ recipe arsenal and this one has served me well! While Summer may be coming to a close, you’ve got end of summer parties and Labor Day on the horizon, so give this a try. My mom used to make it for us and it is super simple and I hope you enjoy! 
This large pasta serving bowl (here), by the way, from ‘open kitchen’ collection at Williams Sonoma is perfect and an amazing buy at only $35!
What You Need:
Angel Hair Pasta – you can use a pasta of your choosing but I prefer angel hair; I’ve used farfalle and fusilli before as well!
– McCormick Brand Salad Supreme Seasoning
– Kraft Brand Zesty Italian Dressing
– Cherry Tomatoes
– Cucumber (I used mini english cucumbers which were the perfect size and didn’t require me to cut in fours, plus they are basically seedless)
– Cooked Shrimp – I used shrimp since I was making it for our main course and wanted the protein but you could leave that out if you didn’t want it. 
– Parsley (chopped for garnish – totally optional)

[Helpful Hint] 
This recipe is super simple and doesn’t require much prep, you could absolutely buy jumbo shrimp and peel/cook yourself or just buy the shrimp cooked and save yourself the prep and clean up! Another good option is buying seasoned cooked shrimp -yum!

1. Cook pasta al dente (according to the directions on the box) – Drain.
2. Slice your cherry tomatoes in half (I picked up an assortment which I loved because of the colors – you eat with your eyes, so your dish should look pretty too) and put in large mixing bowl. Slice cucumbers and place in bowl as well. 
3. Add Pasta to bowl and mix all of the ingredients. 
4. Season heavily with the Salad Supreme Seasoning. Pour in a generous amount of Zesty Italian Dressing. Mix well
Note: This will all be to your taste – I end up seasoning and using the dressing; mixing well, and adding more of each, mixing, tasting, etc. until I get it right. The pasta is going to absorb the dressing so you want a generous amount where all of the pasta is covered but not with a ‘puddle’ of dressing at the bottom either. 
6. Add Cooked shrimp – mix and allow to sit in refrigerator for a few hours. I tend to make this in the morning and serve as early as the evening. Even better if you let it sit overnight so the flavors sink in. 
Serve cold and Enjoy!
[Champagne Darling Inspiration]
This is a great pasta salad to prepare and bring to a BBQ or any outdoor event since it can be served cold or room temperature. Just remember, if using shrimp, don’t have the pasta sitting out in the hot sun for long. 
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