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We literally ate ourselves silly at RPM!! Not kidding. 
RPM Italian is the brainchild of Bill & Guiliana Rancic (I used to watch their show religiously and really admire them both) and they opened their first location in Chicago. I have work related trips to Chicago at least once a year but haven’t had the chance to go, so when I found out it was coming to DC, I was thrilled! I went directly to their website and signed up for the latest alerts so I knew exactly when I could make a reservation #dontjudge
I heard that it was opening June 2016 so why not go for my birthday (here) the following month – and so we did. One of my husband’s friends from high school is one of the managers, interestingly enough, so he called her and she took great care of us. Seating in one of the booths (perfect for people watching) – check. Complimentary antipasti bites (kid you not, the fried olives stuffed with sausage – ridiculously good) – yes, please! And a dinner to die – umm still stuffed.
There is an extensive menu, making it hard to choose because everything sounded amazing. We can’t wait to go back and try more – it will definitely be our new go-to spot.
via BYT

via BYT

via BYT
What did we order, you ask?
– Prime Beef Meatballs (one of the restaurants’ specialities so we had to)
– Fritto Misto – shrimp, softshell crab & calamari prepared with a tempura like crust – light crunch -phenom! I remember trying soft shell crab when I was younger and not really caring for it, so I’m glad I tried again – YUMMMM!
– Truffled Garlic Bread (recommended as an accompaniment to the the meatballs) – guys, almost anything with truffle gets me excited and this was no different – I’m not even a big bread person….crushed it lol 
Second Course: Pasta!
Our waitress mentioned that the pastas are designed to be your ‘second course’ as they are smaller than a main dish but larger than a starter – and you could order your own or certainly share. We each ordered our own. The pastas are also made fresh every day by the way – doesn’t get better than that!
– I ordered the Maine Lobster Ravioli; I’ll be honest, in excitement and anticipation, I’d looked at the menu long before going and already knew that was definitely one of the things I was ordering – I love lobster, I’m not ashamed.
– My hubs ordered the Spicy King Crab pasta which had a squid ink spaghetti, I tried it, not so spicy and very tasty!
I’ll be honest we didn’t need to order more, because we were definitely full because of the amazing food we started with (now we know lol) but each had steak as our main dish coming – told you we ate ourselves silly. I had the Filet Mignon and the hubs had the RPM Steak Grigliata (as he said, “I mean it has ‘RPM’ in the name so I can’t not get it right?”). We also ordered a side of grilled asparagus – we needed a veggie 🙂
We were moving slowly during our main course, because we were pretty full but we had to try dessert…and hey, it was my birthday! For a little (read a lot…in a good way) sweet at the end of your amazing dinner – order the Torta Meringata which is flambeed tableside. Not only for the taste but also the presentation….you can thank me later!
RPM Italian – Bellisimo!

Check it out:

601 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC
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