Birthday Presents and their ‘Look for Less’

I may have wanted a low key birthday, but I’d long before picked out what I wanted from my mister 🙂 It was probably early April that I’d decided to take little shopping trip to the Tyson’s Galleria – and any DC area shopper knows it’s the luxe mall and filled with things to ooo and ahhh over! My favorite designer is Chanel and I decided to check out some of their pieces and add to my ever-growing wish list (I can feel my husband rolling his eyes and shaking his head – what can I say? I like what I like).

I love wearing jeans so I’d been lusting over a cute navy purse. When I was there, I saw this adorable mini flap and thought yes, please!!! Even more, when I found out it was the only one available in the states – yes, exclusive! While I like common classics, I love having unique pieces and those that I won’t see SO many others with or try to mimic…

While you can’t get the exact one above, these ‘Looks for Less’ in a similar style are fab – I especially love the Rebecca Minkoff designs:

My ‘stylist’ mama gifted me these super cute Valentino rock stud bow flip flops for my birthday. While she is anti-flats herself, she knows I LOVE them.

You can find the Valentino flip flops below (in a few colors I might add) as well some super cute ‘Looks for Less’ in this style as well that I really like:

Remember, you don’t have to buy designer brands to get that designer look!
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