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[Wedding Wednesday] We are at that stage in our lives where our friends are getting married – with that, means many a bridal shower! Since most showers are close to the wedding day (typically around a month before),  all the ‘good’ picks on the registry are often taken. Or, you might just want to think outside the box! 

Everyone gives lingerie (which is great and certainly the groom will love you for it) however, that is why I like to switch it up (unless it is a lingerie shower, then well duh). Think of something for the honeymoon/travel (swimsuit, passport holder, beach tote), the wedding day (garter, personalized hanger for wedding dress)…think about the bride herself and what she likes. 
[Champagne Darling Inspiration]
I just attended a bridal shower this past weekend and the bride and groom LOVE to travel! So, I decided to get her a cute ‘wedding’ themed passport holder from Kate Spade (here). It’s great to give people something that can use and something that is thoughtful of the person you’re gifting to at the same time!

Here are some cute ideas:
1. Kate Spade Wedding Belles Passport Holder | 2. Kate Spade Wedding Belles Mrs. Tote | 3. Custom Hanger (I got one for myself and gifted them to my bridesmaids as well – here) | 4. Monogram Necklace (how perfect for the bride to have after the wedding and show off her new initials – here) | 5. Garter (kind of along the lingerie theme but can be used during the wedding; should you do a toss – here) | 6. Luggage Tag | 7. Stationary (I love writing personal notes so for me  this is great and also could be used for her shower ‘thank you’ notes!)

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