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Finding those special wedding accessories was much simpler than I thought it might be! You know how sometimes it’s the little things that you either find immediately or keep you up at night?? Well, finding my wedding shoes, garter (and toss garter), etc went smoothly. 
My shoes – let’s be honest you aren’t going to see them really but they still have to be fab right? These Menbur shoes I came across randomly when searching on BHLDN – they were the perfect color, heel height and had that sparkle I wanted. 

You’ve got to work your network…always…and I did when it came to my “Mrs Sky” hanger and the hangers for my bridesmaids (I also got one made for my flower girl as cute keepsake for her as well). One of my University of Maryland classmates makes them and sells them on Etsy! I reached out…placed an order…et voila! She did a great job!!
Visit  her online shop, Embella HangersHERE
I’ve always thought it was a nice keepsake for brides but also for your bridesmaids.

My garter I didn’t really think much about honestly (read not much of a priority but wanted to still find a cute one). I found mine on Etsy as well and it served as my ‘Something Blue’. Even more, it came with a toss garter as well – a smaller/thinner version of my garter to use for the garter toss at the wedding so that I could still have one as a keepsake. 

I know it can be easier said than done, but don’t sweat the small stuff when it comes to the wedding! Look for items that go with the look, theme, etc you are going for, pull the trigger and cross it off your list!

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