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As you may remember (here, here), I traveled to Dallas at the end of January for the Create & Cultivate conference. I didn’t know what to expect completely: what would the ladies attending be like, what brought them there, what would I be learning about specifically, would I have some great takeaways to bring home and apply to my business and my blog? 

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The conference was a pleasant surprise and I had some great takeaways. I loved meeting so many different female entrepreneurs – and not just those in the digital space (read bloggers). Some were starting their own companies, clothing lines, online stores; some were in PR; and of course, many were bloggers. 
In general, I love meeting new people and it is a key part of my real estate business and this, while an alternative platform, was no different as it is building those relationships that will only help us all to succeed. Being able to network with women from across the country was fun (btw -sooo suprised by how many ‘DC’ girls were there – woot woot! #DCpride). It was wonderful to talk about what brought us to the conference, what we were hoping to get out of it, who we were looking forward to hear speak and even more, how we could all work together to achieve our individual goals. 

There was a cocktail hour the evening before the conference and the conference was a jam packed day of tips, tricks, fun and beauty. The team behind Create & Cultivate, created a lovely and unique environment that fostered everyone’s love of ‘pretty’ as well as one that encouraged collaboration. I loved the track that I was on and got to hear from so many AMAZING women (quite a few that I already adored and looked up to and many that I now do).

Hearing Marianna Hewitt of Life with Me speak (photo below)! I love her fierceness, her style and the way she shared her approach to her life and her business! She is just as gorgeous (and yet seemingly approachable) in person as she is in photos. 

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OMG hearing from Lauryn Evarts of the Skinny Confidential about what goes into creating her perfect instagram shot -no wonder everyone follows her! She puts so much time and effort into the look and feel of her photos on all of her social media platforms because it is representative of her image – what she wants to project. It was awesome to hear from her in a smaller break out session and to be taught some fun tips and tricks – like creating the perfect flat lay! #necessities

For anyone interested in blogging, starting one or elevating yours; interested in hearing and networking with fellow female entrepreneurs – this is a conference to attend! I will say it is definitely more geared towards women in the digital space (bloggers) but you will undoubtedly pick up great information and tips no matter what your business!

Keynote Speaker – Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere
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  1. It was so nice meeting you at C+C, I hope you enjoyed your stay in Dallas! After reading recaps of track 2 I wish I could have experienced both…. now I definitely need to attend, again.