Holiday Entertaining – Essentials

Beginning to think about holiday entertaining yet? I know I have – to me, November is really when the holiday kick off begins! I recently made a new purchase to cross off another item on the list of five (5) things you should own in preparation.
1. Flatware: Mix-and-match, I happen to like metallics – silver, gold and silver, and my recent purchase of brushed gold (check these out here & here) – which I’ll now have to wash by hand, since it can’t go in the dishwasher…eye roll…oh well, I still love it!
2. Glassware: Modernist; my go-to is Ralph Lauren, that I mix with Crate & Barrel/Macys’ basic finds as well as Waterford crystal along with a vintage set – here
3. Napkins: Linen; you can find great ones at Bed, Bath & Beyond and World Market; or for my mom, her favorite are by Kim Seybert.
4. Soup Tureen: Beautiful and multi-functional; it can be used for soup, stew, or alas a flower arrangement – here
5. Cake Stand: this pedestal, aside from adding an element of height, like the soup tureen, can function in so many ways. It is great for hors d’oeuvres, desserts, cheeses or my fave, baked brie (here). If you have a dome large enough, you can also (using a strand(s) of ‘pin dot’ lights create a table light feature).
Now that you’re prepared with the basics, let’s get this party started!
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