Bar Carts: Stockin’ & Stylin’

Bar carts are the current ‘must have’ in home furnishings and will undoubtedly get much usage with Holiday entertaining right around the corner. With such a variety of styles, materials and range of price point to compliment any decor. 
I’d been dying for a bar cart and my mom identified the perfect one! It is acrylic and it’s fab (if I do say so myself). 
Wondering about Bar Cart essentials?
– A great pitcher
– Ice or Champagne bucket, duh! 😉
– Stirrer, cocktail shaker, napkins
– Mixers – tonic water, club soda, etc
– Glasses – to serve drinks on the rocks

[Champagne Darling Inspiration]

Cocktail napkins are one of my favorite things to shop for and collect; there are so many witty and pretty ones out there that you can switch out based on holiday, season or occasion! Get out of your solid color napkin box ladies.

‘give thanks’ napkins from LHCalligraphy 
Alcohol Suggestions: Vodka, Gin, Bourbon/Whiskey, Tequila, Rum, Vermouth
Mixer Suggestions: Club Soda, Tonic Water, Soft Drinks, Sparkling and/or Still Water
Flavors/Garnishes: Maraschino cherries, lemons, limes, bitters, olives
I’ve seen many wine bottles on bar carts, however, my recent trip to Napa Valley confirmed what I thought I knew – you don’t want your wine, especially the good stuff, sitting out.
After all, a bar cart is meant to serve cocktails…or my fave….Champagne, darling!

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