Ladies who Brunch

I had a “Ladies Who Brunch” date with my favorite ladies this past Sunday, at my best friend Dominique’s house! We each had a different item to make and it was so fun to cook, laugh and hang together. 
French Toast
Truffle Potatoes
Basil & Gruyere Frittata
Fresh Strawberries
and of course, Mimosas #champagneproblems *wink*
We had a great time and I had the pleasure of setting the table in addition to my cooking duties. The table settings looked like a sunrise – talk about perfect for a brunch, huh?

[Champagne Darling Inspiration]
Use what you have! While you know I love a good theme, don’t feel pressure to go out and buy things just for a specific occasion – switch up the little things to create the look you want. For example, we used wine glasses as our water glasses in an effort to have a consistent shape and look to the table – instead of using Dom’s etched water glasses. The wine glasses complimented better so there you go!

[Helpful Hint]
Don’t be afraid of using white! In my opinion, food looks best on white plates, platters, etc. Even more, it goes with everything!

Literally dreaming of our french toast and truffle fries….yummmmmm!!!

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