{Wedding Wednesday: You’re Engaged!}

So, you’re engaged?! Congrats girlie!!
While celebrating and still pinching yourself that it’s real, you might also be wondering – now what?? 
Certainly determining when/general location/season you want to get married! For us, we were engaged in October 2013 and I always wanted a Fall wedding (Bj didn’t have a preference, so Fall it was lol) so, given that it was almost a year away we began to explore locations before the end of the year because in the DC area, things can book up far in advance! We identified our location (Park Hyatt Washington) and date (9.13.14) and then focused on the first of our pre-wedding celebrations: our engagement party. 

[Weddiquette Tip]

According to tradition/etiquette, the engagement party happens within 3 months of your engagement. – “while the news is still fresh”! Check out this info from The Knot and Martha StewartAs these sites reference, pick a style party that starts setting the trend for what’s to come – For example, if you are going to do a black tie wedding, I personally wouldn’t think a backyard bbq sets that tone – BUT first and foremost it should be whatever the bride and groom and/or their families want (obvi)…

[Champagne Darling (CD) Inspiration]

Thanks in part to all of our Pinterest obsessions, you often see styles, themes that are gorgeous and that you might like (and of course add to your dream wedding board) but that don’t necessarily represent you or your style. However, this could in large part be because you don’t necessarily know what your/your future hubs style is, and that’s OK! This planning period is a great time to think and figure that out – then you’re ready for the best part – bringing it to life!  

 My biggest tip is don’t try for something that isn’t you – at the end of the day the wedding is about you, your fiance and your families. No matter the size it should still feel intimate because it feels like YOU (the couple), not what you think others might think is nice or like. I’d rather people think “wow, that was a beautiful wedding; it was so them” than “wow, that was a beautiful wedding; a little surprised though, it didn’t seem like their style”…Just my thoughts…


My amazing parents hosted a cocktail party at their home in December 2013 and you know how I mentioned (here) that my mom is THE ultimate host?? Here’s just a peek at what I’m talking about:

[Champagne Darling (CD) Inspiration]

 I’m a big fan of favors – I love giving a little something to thank guests for attending a function and I think determining something that can be used is the best! Also, something in theme/color scheme if there is one or something representative of the couples likes. For example – here is a sample of what our engagement party invite looked like:

You know I LOVE champagne and our invitation represented that (setting the tone of the party), as did our favors: split bottles of champs with ‘Get Excited‘ tags – not only super cute (if I do say so myself) but added a little something extra!

It was just fabulous and the perfect way to kick off the wedding celebrations!

Stay tuned for next week’s Wedding Wednesday!

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