{Pop. Fizz. Clink}

Hello & Happy New Year!
My name is Danai and I am lover of all things fab and yes, I’m sure one might guess that my drink of choice is Champagne 🙂 
I’m a Newlywed. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Realtor. 
[Fun fact] 
My signature drink: Champagne (Veuve Clicquot is my fav) & St. Germain w/ lemon twist as a garnish~ Cheers!
My husband is a big (read HUGE) fan of entertaining and when we purchased our first place together in Feb ’14, he definitely made it known that he wanted it to be the go-to place for spending time with family and friends. While I love a party, he definitely pushes me to open our new home up more frequently. 
For some, (read my husband), entertaining is: 
Everyone just come over whenever! Thirsty? grab a beer or glass of anything you want (go ahead, serve yourself) – don’t have any in the house? lets order it or go to the liquor store. Hungry? open pantry door – grab chips/nuts/whatever is easiest – nothing of interest? lets order it or go out to eat.
For me, entertaining is:
a process with a Who, What, When (cue my husband shaking his head lol -as he has heard this many a time *wink)…more specifically an organized ‘event’ complete with plenty of drink options, snacks, if having people over is for something in particular – planning cocktails/hors d’oeuvres accordingly or in theme….
Certainly you’ve got to do what works best for you. For me, its the latter (I am my mothers daughter after all and given that my mom is -to me- THE best hostess; there’s no halfway at our house). One of my goals as time goes on, is making entertaining (whether casual or formal) simpler, faster and less stressful (it can be a lot of running around if you don’t stay organized). 
Practice makes perfect, right?!
On that note, one of my resolutions for 2015 = more entertaining at home. 
While I’m at it, I thought of documenting our gatherings and my lifestyle for your inspiration too! As you read on, I’d love for you to share some of your entertaining tips and tricks as I am always looking for new ideas!!
Let’s get started…but first…Champagne, darling?
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