{Must Read: Colin Cowie Chic}

I ADORE Colin Cowie’s style! The well known event planner has not only fabulous taste but excellent tips on how to be the perfect host/hostess and offers them in his book Colin Cowie Chic!
I borrowed the book from my mom years back and it is still one of my go-tos for quick ideas or a reminder when planning a party or preparing for a guest. 

Colin cowie Chic

I remember watching him on Oprah (clip below) and I couldn’t wait until I was older, had a place of my own, and could create a fabulous lifestyle and share it with others!

 To this day, some of my favorites from this episode that really do add a little something extra:

1. When receiving a bottle of wine or champagne, writing the name of the giver on the bottle. When you open it sending them a card to let them know! We did this after our engagement party when we received quite a few 😉

2. Having gifts on hand, wrapped and ready to take with you when necessary

3. OMG and Colin’s organization!!!! I’m a work in progress lol

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